25 Nov 2010

I’m the proud owner of the Nokia N8


Thank you Maxis for giving me the chance to review the Nokia N8 for the Maxis10 programme, and now let me own the gadget (wehoo!!) just when my HTC Tytn II failed on me… –__-“
Anyhow, I’d also like to thank my family especially Mum for the support, and friends who indirectly and directly helped me through the reviewing period.

A picture of me with now my Nokia N8 during Sha’s wedding (credit to Baiti)

Check out my reviews here if u missed them :
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Social Networking made easy
Troubleshoot mobile internet connection
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Lets go with the USB-on-the-go
Record and edit your HD video

And Congrats to the other Nokia N8 reviewers also – Blowie, Khai, LiewCF, Khairul, Nigel, Eugene, Feeq, Wilson,  David – yes, all guys except me.

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