19 Nov 2010

The day I spend with my loved ones

I had my day spend today with my loved ones – my mum, niece Nurin and nephew Amir the whole day yesterday. Went to several places as promised to Amir and Nurin. Too bad Hilman didn’t join us.

I picked Amir & Nurin up, together with their grandma (my aunty) in Cheras at noon and headed to our first destination – The National Planetarium. I don’t wish to talk about the place now, but surely will add it up in my Travel Blog later. But there are some of many interesting things I like about the place which I last went during my primary school visit.

aIMG_5913Virtual football court

aIMG_5919Soyuz model

aIMG_5955Trying the sleeping bag like the one in the space craft

aIMG_5990The anti-gravity room

I was so glad that both Nurin and Amir enjoyed the Planetarium. Then after lunch, we went to the Galeria Sri Perdana in Jalan Terengganu. Galeria Sri Perdana is the place where Tun Mahathir Muhammad lived during his years as the Prime Minister.

But no photograph allowed inside, and due to that, I even forgot to take pictures of the outside. -__-"

18112010428_1 Nurin & Amir sat, tiredly on the way back to the parking place. 

We then headed back to the Lake Garden area and meant to look for Deer Park but didn’t find it. To be truth, I don’t even know if the Deer Park is still there. :/

And meant to go to Memorial Tun Abdul Razak but Nurin started to ask for playground. And I was a bit tired too, so we just went to Lake garden, let the kids play and me, resting..

a18112010432..and play a bit too. :P

Amir asked me to bring him to take a train ride. He specifically asked me to bring him on the “tren Putra empat gerabak”. -_-" Amir loves train. Period. But well as I was lazy, and it was already around peak hours, so I decided and suggested that we just go to the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, hanging out watching the trains come and go. Yes, I’ve known for crazy ideas. :P

Little that I know, there is a mini museum of Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM).

aIMG_6016  IMG_6039Nurin spelled her name “Nurin Adriama” instead of “Nurin Adrianna”.


Last stop of the day was my aunty’s place in Bandar Damai Perdana, Cheras to see my other nephews, Hadief and Harris. Spend precious time with the kids. Cousin Angah came few minutes later with baby Syawal.

a18112010440Nurin & Hadief


So there were 5 of my 6 sayangness – Amir, Nurin, Harris, Hadief and Syawal (w/out Hilman). I love being with them. I love to have them around me. :D
I enjoyed my day. I had fun. :)

p/s: Please do nominate me as The Best Aunty of The Year! ;p

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