11 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Lets go with the USB-on-the-go

If you ask me, what is another interesting feature of Nokia N8 that I’d go awe to… I’ll definitely answer it’s the USB-on-the-go!

Call me noob, but this this something that really awed me. I never thought (or have) a phone that can directly connected to USB drives, like flash drive for instance. And then the phone can actually read the files. And copy and paste and move the files. Just like you do it on your laptop or computer.

So, let us see. The ingredients to the magic are:

1. A Nokia N8 phone.

aaa12. USB cable (comes with box).

3. A flash drive.

And here is how it goes.

aaa21. Locate the micro USB end on the phone. It’s on the left side.

aaa32. Connect the micro USB end of the cable to the phone.

aaa43. Connect your flash drive to the other end of the USB cable.

4. Done!

The File Manager will open automatically once the phone detected you flash drive.

aaa5My flash drive, as you can see, is the one name BUBBLES :D

During the time you connect the flash drive to your phone, you can open the files straightway, without even copying them to the phone first. So I have a few files in the flash drive which I tried to open, here are some.

aaa6A PDF file (.pdf), opened with the Adobe Reader (pre-installed).

aaa7A Microsoft Office Words 2007 document (.docx), opened with the Quickoffice (pre-installed).

aaa8A video (.mp4), opened with video player.

It is stated in the User Guide that a hard drive more than 200mA of power can also be connected, with the presence of external power source for the hard drive. I’ve tried but it didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s because of the hard drive, the power supply or the phone itself. Will try it again later with other hard drive.

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