30 Sep 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary, The Flintstones!



Don’t we just love The Flintstones?

Like most of you (or at least I think most of you), I grew up watching Fred and Wilma fighting every now and then, with the cuties Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Dino that cute dinosaur who barks like a dog, the oh-they-are-so-creative car made of stones, woods and animal skins and with the stone-age background setting – the famous The Flintstones.

Fred Flintstone’s catchphrase, the “yabbadabbadu” is used by everyone everywhere up until today. And I still laugh at his impulsive, naive and immature character when I watch the cartoon show.
Anyway, who would realize that the show that was originally run starting on September 30th, 1960 is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary today? Thanks to Google for The Flintstones’ 50th Anniversary Doodle!!

The Flintstones is twice my age, yawww! And it still rocks!
( Pictures credit to Google.com )

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