25 Mac 2011

“…Dalam Botol”: Controversial much?

Yesterday, B asked me out for a movie. Well if you have known her for years, you would know that she didn’t really watch Malay movie. But she had been watching few lately – Adnan Sempit in example – in cinema! Yes, that didn’t sound like her at all last few years.


Anyway, she asked me out to watch …Dalam Botol. I was like “Are you sureeeee??” Then she said it was because she wanted to see what the fuss was all about and what’s good about it till it caught the Library of Congress, Washington DC attention. I had no plan and had no protestation towards gay movie, gay character or maybe *cough* gay actor *cough*, plus I am being supporting to a USM student, Arja Lee (like I was biased-ly supported Mamu in Raja Lawak :p), so I said why not?

And there we were watching the controversial movie, “…Dalam Botol”.






“Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy. Boy has a sex-change procedure in a misguided attempt to please his lover. Boy regrets his decision, moves back to hometown and falls in love with a girl.”



What makes the movie famous before it hit the cinema was because of the dare statement of the lead actor, Arja Lee regarding his fully naked part, which unfortunately had been cut off. What do you expect? It’s Malaysia. 


The word ‘anu’ from the original movie title “Anu Dalam Botol” had been dropped to “…Dalam Botol”, to make it way to the cinema. This is not the first time in Malaysia movie industry.  In the 90s, the movie “Perempuan, Isteri dan …” also was forced to drop the word ‘jalang’ from the original title “Perempuan, Isteri dan Jalang”.


In fact there were a lot other Malay movie in the past that were quite controversial. To name a few – Cinta Kita (the tomboyish Sofea Jane who was in love with a girl, then being dumped, fall in love with Arman Graseka, the waterfall scene..), Lenjan (the story of the serial rapist), and do you remember the Ahmad Fauzi-Sharmaine Farouk version of Panggilan Pulau? The movie airing stopped suddenly after several days without any explanation given. Well there were kissing scenes between the lead actor and actress.


So, what’s the fuss about the …Dalam Botol anyway?


We had Sofea Jane berkemban in Perempuan, Isteri & … , we had rape scenes in Lenjan, we had politic and social escorts issues in Ringgit Kasorrga, we had kissing scenes in Panggilan Pulau and Gelora Cinta… again, what’s wrong with the additional gay scenes, right? Hahaha!




p/s: if you’re going to watch this movie at the cinema, please do expect the kind of crowd who’ll be watching with you. :P

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