6 Dis 2011

The end of another journey

I finished my Bachelor degree somewhere in 2008 and were conferred the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Polymer Engineering) during the Universiti Sains Malaysia 38th Convocation in August 2011. I’ve started to happily going into the lab and doing experiments, and reading journals looking for information and keep updated with the current trends of polymer field since the industrial training period and during my final year of Bachelor where we needed to submit a dissertation on research as a fulfillment to our Bachelor degree. Hence I decided to pursue my Master’s degree and registered in December 2008.

I’ve always be thankful that I have one of the most impressive researcher as the supervisor, Prof Hanafi Ismail. He had assisted me in many ways. Always know where to lead me when I was off track. I blame myself for not giving enough determination to finish up with the thesis writing when I had the advantage of completed the lab work in quite fast. I had issues withmyself and so on and so forth. Prof Hanafi always asked when I would submit the thesis and there were always reasons to give.

I then moved back to KL for good and finished my thesis writing while I’ve started my part time basis in IMU. After another dramatic experience, I managed to submit the draft copies to Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS), USM in January 2011. Another challenge that I had to go through was when I needed to wait for 5 months to be finally called for viva voce while most students were called for their viva on the 3rd or 4th month after submission.

When I submitted my thesis back in January, I targeted that I’d be graduating in September 2011. So when I didn’t manage to submit the final copies of thesis to IPS by 31st August 2011, I was already down.  In addition of the another internal crisis I had with myself during the proses of finalizing the thesis, one after another issues came out that I needed to face, and that I was almost giving up on my Master. But thank God for the strength, and I thank everyone around me that never give up on supporting me as well.

And finally, there I was in the IPS (again after other dramatic incident *sigh*), I handed over the three final copies of hard bound theses, a CD, a form signed by the supervisor and dean and a graduation information form. 

 A week later, a letter came in.


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