16 Ogo 2011

Village in the city for Aidilfitri

Most of the shopping malls had started to decorate their mall especially the lobby area to bring the raya mood to their customers in accordance to the coming hari raya Aidilfitri. Well, logically when the mood is there, the more they will spend on raya stuff, right. So I went to three different shopping malls in Bukit Bintang area last Saturday and found that all three have similar theme for hari raya decorations in the main lobby area – the Malay village.

Bukit Bintang Plaza

I know that majority of the people who live in Kuala Lumpur city will go back to their hometown to celebrate the Eid Mubarak hence the rumah kampong Melayu everywhere as he decorations. But heyyyy… we KLites celebrates raya too!! This is not fair. I don’t go back kampung for raya. This is bias T___T Should’ve show the suasana at Jalan TAR or Chow Kit during malam raya also… kan fellow KLites, kannnnn? Huhuhuu

Berjaya Times Square


Sungei Wang Plaza

Anyhow, the decorations are nice tho. With some places with the caklempong playing and traditional songs dance performance, it even lighten up the mood.

p/s: Thank you for Saturday :)

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