10 Ogo 2011

Ramadhan, so far...

It had been 10 days we’ve fast in the holy month of Ramadhan 1432H.
If last year, I spent my first day of Ramadhan at the hostel, this year I had my first sahur and iftar at home. And if last year I only get to go perform Tarawih together with family on the 4th day, this year I went to the mosque on the first night of Tarawih with family.

One the very first day of Ramadhan, I went to find my ‘kuih wajib’ for break fasting – Kuih Tepung Pelita.
Found one of the best I’ve ever tasted in Pasar Ramadhan Kompleks Muhibah, Taman Nirwana. It's from the "Tepung Pelita Istimewa - Paya Jaras" stall. Go give it a try! And got my favourite cempedak goreng days later. Yummmsss! Thank you mum for the cempedak, and for frying it for me. Hehe.

Yesterday, I was craving for nasi dagang the whole day. Thought of just go home and eat whatever mum bought, but instead, I went to another bazar in Desa Pandan to look for Nasi Dagang. And luckily there’s a stall selling Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang. Weeee~~ :D
I’m sooo not going to put off weight this fasting month, but gaining more instead. Ppfffttt! -__-"
Nonetheless I had a blessed opening Ramadhan for myself indeed, Alhamdulillah…

Regardless of being happily at home, enjoying 10 fasting days with mum and family, I know deep inside I do miss spending Ramadhan in campus. I miss waking up for sahur, illegally cook nasi goreng or Maggi during the last three Ramadhan I spend in campus (though I had issues with my foreign roommate during last year Ramadhan -__-" ).  I miss going to the bazar Ramadhan in Bandar Baru dan Parit Buntar. I miss the famous kuih talam in Parit Buntar. I miss hanging out, eating kerang rebus after Tarawih – the most well-known activity after Tarawih in Parit Buntar. I miss break-fasting with the bestfriend. :(

Oh, on the other hand...

jeng jeng jeng.....


New sewing machine yawwwww. Rezeki Ramadhan. :P Small and compact. And cute, just like me. :p Thank mummy for the sewing machine! Now I can start sewing and make more and more of thissssssssss!! Hehehe.

p/s: Should I talk about Aidilfitri preparation already? :P

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