6 Sep 2011

What I found during my massive spring cleaning

Weeks before raya, mum and I did a spring cleaning and yes, it was a massive one!
Well as you know, when you did a spring cleaning, you will surely find things you might never even remember having at all. Or is it just me? :|

Anyway I did found so many things that I didn't even know I still have them in my closet. Heee~ :D and sadly, there are also many things I need to let go..to give away.. If I don't, I think I can open up a museum - Bubbles Museum.

Btw, #random - do you know mum still keep my milk bottle that I used 25 years ago?

Lets see what are some of the things I found during the spring cleaning. jeng jeng jeng....

Ala ala alaaaaaaa...... comey nye laaaaaa kan kan? Hahaha

This is the second Pusat Tuition Martin folder file I had. The first one ada slot plastik yang budak2 koyakkan guna pisau, keluarkan kertas PTM tu pastu masukkan gambar artis pujaan masing2. Mine was Kavana. Tapi fail tu dah buang kot.


Glory glory Man Unitedddddddd!! 
Manchester United magazine - back in the 2000!!

I remember bringing this to primary school in the 90s. Bawak sandwich. Hehe.

After the spring cleaning, I only keep1/4 of the total paper bag that I kept for yearsss. 
By the way, these are only half of it.

I gave away like... 3/4 of my soft toys.... :( 
Only keep the big ones, and few of the small ones. 
This. Is. Sad.

 Ex roomate in Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan (2003/2004) made this for me. She is sangat the kreatif one, you knowww...

 My (once) favourite little creature. That I did not remember I still have them. Huhu

 Ok. When I found this, I honestly went like...."Why in the world do I still keep this?" =.=

 Ehemmmmm! My used-to-be bestfriend.Hehehe

These are just SOME of the surprising things I've found. 
You wouldn't want to know what other 'rubbish' I found in my room. 

Oh, btw, I had also previously posted about childhood/teenage years things I found. Check Tiang atau lembaga? and Ok. I do feel old now.

So, agak-agak kalau bukak muzium laku tak? -___-"

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