15 Sep 2011

Yunalis Zarai gave me goosebumps!

I am not a good reviewer. I don't write well-written review on anything - music, theater, movie, book, travel places. I know I didn't even write nice review on Nokia N8 for the Maxis10 programme. But anyhow, I still want to write something about the show I went to last Tuesday. It was the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas Spotlight - Yuna show.

When B first asked me to join her watching Yuna, I wasn't really excited about it. Guess I'm more to a theater person than a concert person, except Hindi concerts cause they are more like musicals. :P But I said yes anyway and bought us the tickets. Her original show was planned only for 12 September but tickets were sold out fast and they decided to make an additional show on 13 September, and we got our tickets for the second day.

To cut the story short, there we were in the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, KLCC for Yuna. The show started right on time at 830pm. I didn't put any expectation on the show as I've never seen her singing live (on TV doesn't count, ok). But mannnn, SHE GAVE ME GOOSE BUMPS!!! One song after another. Concentrate habis lah dengar dia nyanyi.

And I thank Yuna for singing my favourite Cinta Sempurna perrrrrrectly! I felt like crying. And the Come As You Are (by Nirvana) cover... fuhhh... meremang bulu roma I tell yoouuu! She also sang Random Awesome, Rocket, Fears and Frustration, Coffee, Gelora Jiwa (P.Ramlee), Gadis Semasa, Memo, Penakut, Let Love Come Through, Raya Oh Yeah and the song that brought her to most of us, Dan Sebenarnya. And I kinda like the song she made for Libresse, the *ehem ehem* for girl :p It's called Super Something.

Honestly, she doesn't need back up singers or dancers to make her show remarkable and memorable. She, herself and the band are enough. Nice voice, nice music arrangement equals to worth watching performance.

All in all, I thanked B for inviting me to see this amazing show. I'd pay hundreds to watch another performance like this! Standing ovation to the one and only, Yuna.

Yuna in a gorgeous pink dress by Syomir Izwa

B talking to Yuna

By the way. Yuna might be the spotlight of Petronas Philharmonic Hall but... somebody else was my very own spotlight of the night. Wanna know whoooo??

Oh wait. You know what. Besides being a good journalist, B is also good in being a paparazzi. Check this out. She's spying on my *ehem* my old love. Hahaha.

Guess who?
*buat muka gediks*



 Introducing my old flame.. former OAG drummer, current TV actor/host.. Qushairi a.k.a Qi a.k.a Yuna's boyfriend :(

I got so excited about him that the first sentences I said to my mum when I reached home that night was "Kite jumpe Qiiiiiiii~!!" (knowing my mum mesti belum check FB as I've uploaded the picta) Hehee. Yeah he had a quite not-so-good records, gossips and addicts issues. But I hope he's a better person now, since well, he's with Yuna, the girl who inspires us, girls out here. Good luck to both of them anyway!

*sambung berangan pasal Qi*


And well, listen Apple fangirls and fanboys. Yuna's Decorate is in iTunes too yawww!! Go buy her songs, support her ok!

 Thank you, Yunalis Zarai, for the great awesome and superb performance!

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