25 Apr 2011

The first social activity with the IMU colleagues

Some of you might have known that I am currently working on a contract basis in Chancellery, IMU doing what is not really my cup of tea - office job. I've been going into labs for years that I feel a bit bored doing things like sitting in front of the computer for  7 to 8 hours straight. Well, I wouldn't be if I'm sitting in front of my laptop doing things I love - blogging, tweeting, blogwalking and stuff. Hehe. Well, anyhow, it's been more or less 4 months since I first started working here, and only last Friday I went out socializing with my other colleagues.

Kak Yang, on behalf of the organizer who organized the unofficial bowling tournament had been kind enough to asked me to join them too. I didn't really plan to join cause I have the part time tuition. But I had cough and sore throat, started to lose my voice so I cancelled the class. Cousin Effa who excitedly came to join the bowling get together asked me to tag along so I thought I might just go with them as the class had already been cancelled. So there were we, playing bowling at the Bukit Jalil Golf Resorts.

the bowling went on, been talking to some, get to know some (as in the people I've already knew) and yes I needed to ask Along some of the colleagues' name as I have never talked to some of them. And even some who I've never saw. -____-"
At the end of the unofficial tournament, we've got our winners! The presents were sponsored by the some of the colleague themselves.

Male Highest Scorer & Overall Highest Scorer - Abg Zuraidy

Female Highest Scorer - Kak Bib (e-learning)

Winner - Team 2
En Shah (Kak Ju's husband), Kak Ros (PG), Azhan (FMA), Abg Sharif (FMA) 

And the other who were there to support the Bowling Get Together!

It was fun hanging out with the colleagues once in a while. So glad to be joining them.

Oh, no. I didn't play. I suck at bowling. Ok all together, *Booooo Julia!!!* -__-"

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