19 Apr 2011

For your eyes only - Part 2

As of today, 19th April 2011, it had been approximately 12 days since i realized that my left eye became reddish and scared me, and others too. In my previous blog entry, I've posted a picture of my red left eye captured on the 14th April 2011, means on the 7th day since I spotted the reddish on the eye. That was like 3 4 days after I went to the clinic which the doctor told me I got pterygium blablabla whatsoever.

Day 7

Well after few more days, the reddish spot was still there. Some friends got more worried than me and told me to go to the eye specialist to do further check up. I was actually scared too but I was more afraid of what the specialist might say if I go to do the check up. -__-"

But due to all the worriness, and command from Mum, I decided to see an eye specialist. I took my day off yesterday and went to an eye specialist centre in Jalan Ipoh.

That was my first ever experience seeing an eye specialist. Oh my there was too many procedure. Ok not THAT many, but yeah, few procedures before I could actually see the specialist. Registered, then did the vision test. then there was a machine where it blew air into the eyes. Then need to see one of the nurses to tell her what's wrong with my eyes etc. Then only can see the specialist.

So told the problem, he checked this and that and he came out with the result. No, it isn't the pterygium. Fuhhh! Alhamdulillah there is no foreign particle or tissues in my eyes. But the red spot at the left eyes was because of, quoted from the specialist "...ada tisu kat mata tu yang meradang, kat mata ada bahgaian yang tebal sikit, tisu kat situ.. bla bla bla.. which normally is not known what's the cause bla bla bla..." (Julia being Julia, was not really listening kthanxbye =.= ) So, there we came again to the term UNKNOWN.

Well, anyway at least it is confirmed that no tissues were formed, no pterygium. Got some eye drop medicine, and was told to come back again after  a week if the red spot is still there.

And another picture of my beautiful red scary left eye for the sake of memory pfft....

Day 12

Not much different ey?

Get well soon, Juls. Uhuk2... :'(

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