20 Apr 2011

Mugs and cups

Beside collecting postcard and keychain, I also like to collect mugs and cups. But due to limited space available to keep those at home, I can't really buy just all mugs and cups I see pretty and catchy. I like to collect mugs and cups from different size and design. I took out some of the mugs and cups from the collection cupboard and took some photos.


Different size and design.


Well of course one of my favourite… well….




…the Secret Recipe’s PowerPuff Girls mug. It is just a simple mug, but the picture printed of it make it more special than the others. Hehe. I got this mug some where in 2005, when I did my part-time job in McDonalds. There were two boys, Fizi and Kimi who happened to had friends working in Secret Recipe. Both got one PPG mug each. Fizi kept his while Kimi gave him to mine, just because he knew how much I love the PPG. Thank you, Kimi!! *hugssss*




One of the oldest mug in my collection is the Gila-Gila’s Lat’s From Taiping With Love. Do you still remember the comic? Well this is actually mother’s mug which is also added in the mugs and cups collection.



This crocodile mug was bought at Zoo Taiping. I just love the crocodile’s head and tail. Cute kan kan kan?




This beautiful blue cup is a souvenir from my cousin, the Yuha sisters. Blue is my colour. That’s what makes the cup more awesome! Smile with tongue out




Lets party with the lazy Garfield! This special cup had been in my cupboard since the 1997. I got this cup for an achievement for scoring the highest mark for a subject (I can’t remember which subject) in SRA Al-Watan in standard 6, together with some other present. I was a good student, I tell you. Yeahh I WAS. >.< Hmmm… such a memory!




The mug and cup from two of my favourite coffee places. What more can I say.  Thanks to mummy cos she’s the one who got me both of these. Love love love!




This special Mickey Mouse plastic mug was a present, given by a friend in SRK Dato’ Abu Bakar, pretty Cheong Ee Wan for my 12th birthday.




Ehem ehem! Need I say more? Lalala~




Got these Sushi King green tea cups when I registered for a year membership for Sushi King card (can’t remember for which year).



And say hi to the three new members of the mugs and cups collection. All are in small size (like the Mr Bean cup in first picture). Love the wording ‘Coffeeholics’. It’s just who I am. Open-mouthed smile


Well, you are most welcome to help me collect more and more mugs and cups. *evil grin* hehe

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