1 Apr 2011

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

My manager asked me if I’ve heard of a song written by a father who has a down syndrome daughter. She said it is a beautiful and very touching. I search upon the song on YouTube. Indeed, it touched my heart.

Steve Moser wrote the amazing song about the birth of his daughter, Anna who was born with down syndrome.

God Doesn’t Make Mistake

Lying in the dark, staring at the ultrasound.
The doctor shakes his head, says
"I'm sorry but this baby has Down syndrome.
And I know it's hard to decide,
But she's so fragile that she'll probably die,
And it might be a blessing if she did"

Little did he know we're all the more blessed 'cause she lived.
And no, she's never gonna look like the other kids
And she may not learn to talk like the other ones did
And I guess she's always gonna walk just a little behind, But I don't mind.

'Cause she lives her whole life without one trace of guile
And she lights up the world with that crooked little smile
and she loves you with a love so pure it just makes you heart break.

And I'd like to tell that doctor,
God Doesn't Make Mistakes.
Sitting in the park, watching all the children play.
My daugher walks up, they get quiet and little afraid.
But pretty soon the smiles come over their face
And they slow their game down just a pace
And I watch as a spirit of kindness abounds
And thank God for that girl
who showed me what life's really about

And she helped me to discover
God Doesn't Make Mistakes

They said something went wrong
But I think something went right
And I'll fight for my baby with all of my might.
'Cause I love her with a love so pure
it just makes my heart break

And I want to tell the world,
God Doesn't Make Mistakes

Indeed, God doesn’t make mistakes. Be thankful of what you are and what you have. :)

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