4 Apr 2011

Sharmi’s Bollywood style reception

I didn’t really blog about friends’ weddings lately (except for KNizam’s) since there were too much wedding one after another – Sharifah, Eda, Ashraf, Salmi, Sharmi etc. But I gotta blog about Sharmi’s Bollywood reception.  Sharmi’s father is a Pakistani, she had this Bollywood style reception in honor to her paternal bloodline.


Went there with Baiti, Eda and her husband. Sharmi, Eda and I are known as Bollywood fans not Baiti. During high school, Sharmi, Eda and I used to sing and dance to Hindi songs a lot. And if you know me well, you would know that Bollywood is sooo my thing!



Ain’t she pretty?


010420111918 200897_10150127523987339_585017338_6809666_8228300_o

She was so nervous just like the moment before her solemnization.



Macho le pulak” – Baiti, 2011


200897_10150127524007339_585017338_6809670_5959230_o Saajan ji ghar aaye…  Saajan ji ghar aaye…


194250_10150127782152339_585017338_6811441_2546977_oDulhan kyon sharmaaye…  Saajan ji ghar aaye…


The faces of two ladies who went out for work early morning, straight to Puchong after work and danced Bhangra. Tired.



204370_10150127807817339_585017338_6811641_1426427_o The bride and the groom on the dance floor yawww! Untuk tontonan anak cucu. ;p





Baiti said this is her favorite candid of the day. Mine too. Sharmi and I looked so happy. But the double chin doesn’t make me happy tho –__-“



I wanted to upload the videos but due to no laptop at the moment, I haven’t got the chance to transfer and upload them. Will do so later.


Anyway, few days after the beautiful event, when I was WhatsApp-ing with Baiti, out of nowhere she said;


“Teringat-ingat wedding Sharmi. U kawin buat camtu la. Reason for me to dance bhangra. U tak tarik pun I sendiri volunteer gi depan.”




Somebody has been YouTube-ing Hindi songs now. Lalalala~ Welcome to the dark side, girlfriend! Hahaha.



(Photos credit to Baiti.)

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