18 Nov 2011

Cuti cuti Medan - Part I

It was kinda a sudden decision to go on a trip to Medan. Mytarget for travelling this year was actually achieved with the Kota Kinabalutrip with Mum (day 1 and day 2) and the second Singapore visit with the family (which I realise Ihaven’t post anything on it, yet! USS babyyy!! Will do soon!!). Penang tripsdon’t count as travel, ok. :P

I was thinking about Bandung, Jakarta and Medan. Thoughpeople keep telling me how nice shopping in Bandung would be, I remembered howI used to love looking at Lake Toba’s picture and how I wished I would see thescenery with my own eyes. So I decided to ask mum on a trip to Medan and LakeToba. I extended the invitation to my aunt, uncle & cousins too. And theywe were last week – on our trip to Medan.

Web and mobile checked in made easy

We took an early flight to Medan. The journey took more orless one hour and we arrived at about 0845 local time (one hour late thanMalaysia). The tour guide was already there waiting for us. There were also onefamily of four and a honeymoon couple that join us in the tour.

We were told that we’re waiting for another group of fourthat would arrive at 1100 so we were brought to have breakfast first, then to batikand sarongs shop. We did a little shopping while waiting for the other group. Ididn’t really shop since we were just arrived and I gotta be careful not tospend much on the first day.

Later when the group of four Penangite guys arrived, we wentto have our lunch at a Minang restaurant before precede our journey to Parapatto witness the beautiful Lake Toba. The Rumah Makan ACC or Restoran ACC at Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Medan serves Minang food. The food was nice. Spicy but really nice. Even the place was nice - air-conditioned, clean restrooms and musholla was available too.

The journey to Parapat is like going to Kuala Pilah usingthe old road Bukit Putus or the very crooked road of Balik Pulau. If wouldunderstand me if you’ve used either one of these roads.

Hence, NOTE: The Parapat-Berastagi-Medan tour is notsuitable for kids especially for kids aged 10 and below. They’ll get bored andtired.

On our way, we made a stop at a shop which sells local foodproducts mostly nut based. The names of the food are unique i.e Ting Ting, TangTang, Teng Teng, Pang Pang, Pong Pong. Yes, I’m not kidding. Unique, isn’t  it? Haha.

The bottled teh-O ais.

We then continued our journey to Parapat. After more or less 4 hours, we finally reached thehotel at late evening and checked in to the hotel. Got off the bus and the Lake Toba was right before my eyes. I was awing the scenery,  like every second till I got into the hotel and the lake was not in my view anymore.

NOTE 2: If you’re not fussy about hotel rooms, don’t go forthe expensive 5 stars hotel. Tour for Medan-Lake Toba from most agencies’itineraries is almost the same – check in late evening, check out early nextmorning. It’ll be such a waste, unless if you spend more than a night in everyplace i.e Parapat, Berastagi, Medan.

I kept on thinking how I really wanted to see the Lake Tobaand the day finally came. And my hotel room faced the lake itself. I can’t getaway from the window. It was just… breathtaking!

View from my room.

As far as the eyes can see.. Subhanallah...

We had dinner at the hotel and went to bed quite early. Wehad another long day the next day.

To be continued.

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