7 Nov 2011

Recipe searching made easy with Google

I was looking for some recipe on the internet via Google when I came across one thing that I've never realise before. Maybe some of you might have seen this, but this was the first time for me. And I think I'm loving Google a little bit more for this cause it helps make my recipe hunting easier. :D

Ok first of all, if any of you have known this for quite a while, please don't brag at me. Saya tahu saya selalu agak ketinggalan zaman dalam hal sebegini -___-"

So anyways....

Can you spot the thing that I said made my searching easier?

Yes, it's that thing on the left of the searching - wit boxes to tick and list to choose.

In example, if I were to find a Chicken Tikka recipe, it'll come out like this.

Which we can choose if we want to exclude any of the ingredients and then Google will refine the search according to our selection.

We can also choose preferable cooking time i.e. less than 15 minutes. Most recipe sites on the internet will state the cooking time took to prepare each recipe.

Easier, isn't it?

Now let's do some more recipe hunting, Juls!

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