25 Mei 2011

One after another

Last week I got an mms from cousin Along, a picture of nephew Hadief Zayed with burnt right arm. Not sure how exactly did the hot water spilt onto his right arm. Due to the over-concerned, I went to visit him at his grandma’s place on Friday night together with mum, cousin Alice, her mum, and Nurin.


Eventhough Hadief’s skin looked red, burnt and even I can feel the pain, he looked so energetic. I mean, overly energetic. Running here and there, playing balls with Harris and Nurin.  Pity my 2 years old nephew.. Hope the burnt skin recovers in no time.

On the other hand, on the same day, my 9 years old nephew Hilman had food poisoning. He wen’t to see the doctor and the doctor told him that he had “keracunan makanan”. So went he went to his grandma’s (who he call Mak) house,  he had a conversation with his granny sounds more or less like this.

Grandma : Doktor cakap apa tadi?
Hilman : Doktor kata kita kena keracunan makanan.
Grandma : Hilman makan apa yang kena keracunan makanan.
Hilman : (listing down what he had at school before) Lepas tu, kita datang rumah Mak, kita makan nasi goreng. Hmm.. tak mungkin lah Mak yang letak racun dalam nasi goreng tu… *dengan muka serius*



This morning when I woke up at 6-ish in the morning, I checked my phone and there were 2 mms-es from cousin Kak Lina. The mms were pictures of Nurin laying on hospital bed and the other was Nurin’s hand with tubes.

Call Kak Lina, just to found out that Nurin had been admitted to HUKM Cheras at around 2am. I was shocked that the last time I saw her on Saturday, she was doing just fine. Kak Lina said that she was admitted because she had high amount white blood cell pellet and due to germ/virus found in her blood. I don’t know how to put it in words scientifically.

Went to see my dear Nurin during my lunch hour and again after work.
Forced smile
 240520112322_1 240520112328
240520112333_1 240520112336
Left arm

Get well soon, sayang!

Somewhere in the evening, I received a sms for the day from Abang Wan, my bestie Zydah’s husband.

“Assalamualaikum, Siti Noorzidah selamat melahirkan baby pompuan pukul 2.30ptg di Hospital Kulim. Alhamdulillah.”

I am sooooo happy for my one and only Buttercup!! Congrats, Zyd!!! :D

Later, she mms-ed this.


How adorable is she…… awwww~

Another one picture of their first princess, from Abang Wan’s Facebook.


Can’t wait to see you, little pwincess!

Anyway, while one could be as happy as a clam, other could be in great hurt or pain.

My biggest condolences to colleague, Kak Anum who just lost her baby Arya (29 April 2011 – 22 May 2011). May you rest in peace, sweetheart. Al-fatihah.

A reminder. For me and for you.

Firman Allah SWT, surah al- Nahl ayat 70:
Maksudnya: “Dan Allah yang menciptakan kamu; kemudian Ia mewafatkan kamu; dan ada pula di antara kamu yang dikembalikannya kepada peringkat umur yang lemah sehingga menjadilah ia lupa akan sesuatu yang telah diketahuinya; sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha Kuasa.”

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