20 Mei 2011

As bad as I am...

These few weeks, I’ve came across a lot of incident which involve things that would hurt one’s mum’s feeling. Not that I’m such a good daughter that never hurt my mum’s feeling, but there are some things that happen around me that I know, I wouldn’t do when it comes to involve a mother.

Weeks ago, I tweeted that I overheard a high school girl talking about how she feels ashamed if she has to go out with her mum, just the two of them.

Penang, 1990

“Malu la jalan dengan mak aku berdua, kelakar ah jalan dengan orang tua.” *laugh*

“Kalau jalan dengan ramai2 (dgn adik-beradik) tak pe jugak. Ni kalau shopping ke dengan mak berdua, tak ke kelakar.” *laugh again, out loud*

What would the mother feel if she hears it?

I’m not sure if any of my blog reader has the same thought as that girl. If any of you do, please just reset your stupid effing mind! Why would you feel ashamed walking with your own mother? You think it’s so cool to hang around, shopping with your oh-so-cool friends? Think again where you get the money to hang out and shopping from.

It has always been me and my mother. We shop together. We dine together. We travel together. Watch theater together. Instead of being ashamed, I feel proud to be walking with my mother. Even during my teenage years, I spend time shopping with mum more than with friends. Up till today, I'm proud to say I still hold my mum's hand when walking together.

I honestly felt like slapping that girl, if she was my sister.

Come to think of it, there are also people who publicly tell the world how upset or how angry they were with their mums, in serious notes. I did tweet about how I was upset when mum when to Singapore without me and few others, but in joking mode. If I hurt mum feeling and felt very guilty, yes I might’ve tweeted about it. But if I really wanted to express how upset I felt with mum, I’d go to my best friend, or my diary.

The last thing you should do is to update your Facebook status that you had fight with your mother and feel proud about it. Or tell your un-private Twitter followers openly how your mother neglects you or compare you to your other siblings, and let the whole world think that your mother is the worst mother alive!

I have nothing to hide from my mother. She knows what I do, who I am friend with, where I go (ok, honestly not EVERYwhere… sorry mummy T__T ). Even when I put my relationship with a girl – my best friend Baiti - and mum is on Facebook, she would know that it meant nothing. I wasn’t afraid if aunties and uncles or any other older relatives see that relationship status and started to make assumptions, cause mum knows me better and I know I don’t have to do any explanation.

I know that I haven't reach the stage where mum would say "I'm so proud of my daugther," and I'm not that little Goody-Two-Shoes daughter who never hurt her mum's feeling. But all I wanted is for the whole world to know that I'm proud be be my mum's daughter.

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