20 Jul 2011

My handsom boy's birthday

Last 2 years, on 20th July, a cute baby boy was born in Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He's the second son of the happily married couple, cousin Along and Zuraidy.
After the arguement between the husband and wife, they finally came to the decision to name their newly born son Hadief Zayed.

The over-excited Aunty Bubbles went to see the baby hours after he was born. She was so excited and happy as she loves kids so much. She looked at the lovely baby and kissed the baby on the left cheek.

And guess what???

After more or less one year, the lipstick mark from the kiss was still there on his left cheek!!!

Hahaha ok tipu jer.

Ok fine tak lawak. -__-"
By the way, it's exactly 2 years after the boy was born. So... Happy happy birthday handsome boy!!

Semoga membesar jadi anak yang soleh dan berjaya dalam hidup. Dengar kata Ayah dan Umi. Dengar kata Aunty Bubbles jugak, ok. Hehehe. Sayang Hadief banyak banyak. Muaaahhh!

p/s: I just realize I don't have recent photos of him.. Haishhh....

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