18 Jul 2011

"Luck never gives, it only lends."

After I get a hold of my precious Bachelor of Engineering (Polymer Engineering), I did not really look for job because I’ve made the decision to pursue with my Master Degree. I wanted to hold a Master scroll, or even a Doctorate if that’s possible. I’ve always wanted to be a researcher or a lecturer.

Years went by, and I came to almost the end of my Master study. I started looking for jobs - academic institution, research centre, industry - no luck. I sent out resumes (with the big S!!) – with only degree qualification, with my master in progress stated, high expected salary, low expected salary – still no luck. When I was about to come home for good after submitting the first draft of thesis, cousin Along asked if I wanted to do part time job in her office. I said yes. When you have mouth to feed, bills to pay, car payment to settle, least you would think of how good or glamour the job is.

Ex-registrar, Puan Noraidah's last day

I started working as a part timer with a daily basis salary. Not too high, but enough to be used to pay my bills. After a month or so, the Manager suggested that I sign to work as a contract basis staff; at least the pay is higher. I almost refused, thinking this is not “the” job for me. I am a Polymer Engineering graduate. Documentation, office and admin job is not my cup of tea anyway. But who I am to say no when there’s no other job offer for me? So I signed for a 6 months contract here.

I worked in an air-conditioned office, no machines no chemicals no rubber or plastics smell around me. It felt weird at first. Little did I know I started to like the environment. Despite the office politics, I have a kind hearted manager, friendly colleagues, 20 to 30 minutes drive to work in normal traffic, in KL some more. I can hang out with my friends without the need to make a week in advance appointment. I can happily come home, arrived early enough to take my bath and cook for dinner, then have dinner with mum right after Maghrib. I have my weekends free for hang outs at home or with friends. I was able to make time for most friends’ wedding receptions.

Bowling get-together with the colleagues

Colleagues started to ask, will I become a permanent staff here? I didn’t say yes or no, I only answered, “You know… I’ve always wanted to work in my own field…” or “I don’t know… I want to be a researcher or lecturer badly...”. Yes, I am still looking for other jobs.

Maybe Allah is testing me, maybe He thinks it is still not my time yet, or maybe it is just not my luck yet, I still haven’t got any job offer. Yes, till today. And today, regardless of what my lecturers might say, even more my supervisor, or other people around me might think, I gotta make the decision if I wanna sign as a permanent staff – at a work place that has nothing to do with Polymer Engineering.

If I choose not to and just renew my contract, it’ll be my loss since the salary difference is quite high.

If I choose to sign, it’ll affect my resume big time, and the possibility for me to go back to my degree field job will be very very low.

Well, decision has to be made.

Oh, please don’t question why I don’t want to pursue my PhD for now. Put yourself in my shoes, then you’ll know why.

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