15 Dis 2009

Natrah, the theatre


Last Monday, December 7th I went to Istana Budaya with mum to watch theatre Natrah , directed by the one and only Erma Fatimah.

For those who never heard the story of Natrah a.k.a Maria Hertogh, please Google. semua orang harus tau psl dia, ok.

Btw i knew about the Natrah issue because my mom have these 4 volume of Dewan Masyarakat magazines back-to-back in the 80s (kot!) that tell stories about Natrah. I read about her story when i was small. And when i heard that they were making it to the theatre I insist to watch the show. Plus it’s been a while since i go to theatre with my mum.

Oh, and I am so so so glad that Diana Danielle x jadi pegang watak Natrah. Maya Karin did a very good job. i can’t imagine klau Diana Danielle atas stage tu.. blerrghh~

So by the end of the show….

the director, Erma Fatima DSC05309
Natrah’s mother, Cikgu Mansur, Natrah (13), Natrah (7), Director, Che Aminah, Natrah (70) DSC05310  DSC05313
DSC05318 DSC05321

Ekha, this is for you! ;p
DSC05323instead of calling (or shouting) his name Remy Ishak. the fans shouted ‘Mansur Adabi’ and most of the time, ‘Adam’. haha
DSC05331 DSC05336DSC05341

teringat zaman kanak2 tengok teater kanak-kanak Taman Baginda, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Siti di Alam Fantasi etc. masa tu belom ada Istana Budaya, kat MATIC je lg. ;)

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