13 Dis 2009

Cousin Angah’s wedding


So most of you knew that my cousin Angah a.k.a Ayien has finally married to Hakim last week from previous post right. I dont know what i did this whole week at home that i seems busy but i practically just lepak-ing at   home and do nothing. haha

And right now i feel so rajin to update the blog with my cousin’s wedding ;) err..when i say update, it means i’ll just upload the pics ok. hehe

 5 December 2009 - Pernikahan
2009_12_05_4136 2009_12_05_4180
Saat-saat medebarkan. Sekali lafaz beb! Bravo Hakim!!! :p

5 December – Malam Berinai
2009_12_05_4358 IMG_4773
Bile yang sepupu sepapat jumpe camera….
2009_12_05_4378Cousin Effa’s primary school friend & my secondary school friend , Sabrina Hakiem. Thank for coming!!

6 December 2009 – Majlis Persandingan
Fewwiiitttttttt~ rombongan pengantin lelaki tiba.
2009_12_06_4490 2009_12_06_4501
Gamelan yang mengiringi majlis2009_12_06_4526Angklung pun ade jugak.
meet Papa J from Sehati Berdansa, ya’ll~ he’s my mum’s cousin.
Angah’s new family ;)
a good example. bakal2 pengantin sila amek perhatian :p

12 December 2009 - Bertandang
2009_12_12_4901 2009_12_12_4924 2009_12_12_4952 2009_12_12_4983
ok. for more picts sila tengok fb saya :D

few updates.
  • it’s been more than a week at home and i just loveeee the feeling of waking up at home every morning..
  • Alhamdulillah Angah’s wedding went well.
  • Went for Natrah  theatre with mom, my treat for her belated birthday present. It was great, Remy Ishak sgt handsome (tetiba haha)
  • Congrats to my friends Anwar-Shikin & Hanie-fiance(xtau name ;p) for their engagements, both today.
  • Finally berjaya menghabiskan duit from “Bubbles Gadget Fund” for things that i hope berbaloi beli. haha. Skarang kene start menyimpan for that fund again –_-“
  • Went to see someone today. Am actually glad i made it ;)
  • Conference to be attended next week at Resident Hotel Uniten.
  • 2 more girl friends are getting engage this next weekend. Congrats in advance,
  • I want to see someone so badly!!
Going to bed. It’s 3.07 in d morning. Daa~

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