31 Ogo 2007


Jalur Gemilang

happy 50th birthday to my lovely country..Malaysia!

Malaysia is the best!

where else in the whole world can we see Malay eating roti canai, Indian eats nasi lemak and Chinese eats nasi kandar (esp. in Penang)..? Malaysia is totally rich with different kind of foods from every race; Malay, Chinese, India, Punjab, Utara, Pantai Timur, Pantai Barat, Sarawakian & Sabahan also. when i was in Negeri 9 Matrix College (KMNS), i seriously cant't eat the masak lemak coz it was very hot & spicy. not like what i usually cook and eat at home. and now i am in penang or Utara area, i eat foods like pasembor, char kuey teow ( i dont find any char kuet teow like this in KL), mee udang and more. and i'm getting to love this foods and i will surely missing it during sem break or holiday.

another thing i love about Malaysia is the culture, heritage and dance. we have a lot of dance type in Malaysia. Even to be spesific, in Malay traditional dance also we can see there are lots of dance type. Zapin, Inang, MakYong, Joget, and so on... i love to see Malay & Indian dance myself. I salute Ramli Ibrahim (Sutra Dance Theater) who is really into Indian dance like Bharata Natyam and that he can dance it better than an Indian does. talking about dance makes me remember things bout myself. i really miss the time of my live when i use to dance in Kelab Seni Budaya KL and i miss the dancers in KMNS. Dancing traditional dance for KMNS was a great experience ever. for the 1st time i dance for a Minang song. i really miss that time...

Ramli Ibrahim

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  1. surprisingly, i've once read a lil bout dis ramli ibrahim. great dancer. indian style ey? =)

  2. yeah..really like to see he performs. eventhough he isn't an Indian, but he can feel the dance very deeply. Indian dance also is hard to learn.. the beat is so fast. btw, he was one of the So U Think U Can Dance? judges.

  3. kasik masuk shoutbox laa nonoi.. baru sonang orang nak menjerit kat sini.. - ayah nye si harris zikri..

  4. ko tringin ke nk jd mcm ramli 2??
    kalo ko nk jd ramli, RAMLY burger pnye markrting department de kosong kowt..hahaha..
    awi tu aku de ternmpk iklan dye..


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