11 Ogo 2007

weekend at home

nurin turned 2 last August 1st.

along had saftely (Alhamdulillah) delivered harris the next 2 days.

amir, hilman and nurin got a new fren!

i was a home last weeked.

welcoming harris as a new family member.

as well as celebrating nurin's big day.

also tahlil 100 days for gramma's sister.

training report settled.

pameran also settled.

now only busy with the lab report, becoming assignment, quizes and tests.

today we need to submit our choice for final year project title.

i have the instinct of not getting my choice.

huh~ nvm..

but really hope i will get a topic and the lecturer that will realy help and easy to do work with.

[ Harris, Day 2 ]

2 ulasan:

  1. ala...chomelnye anak umi ni @ harris zikri...yg pasti tahun ni kiter collect duit raye dr mak noi yer..

  2. oit. xde name yg sedAp sket ke. paggil la auNtie, glammer sket. xpUn pggil kakaK pun bOleh.. ahaha


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