23 Ogo 2007

back at home..AGAIN!!!

i went back again last weekend. 3 times in 6 weeks. new record, huh! i went back with AYU (coursemate) thursday at 12midnite and reached kl in about 5am. so, friday activity.. visiting along and her harris. i took nurin and hilman as well. nurin loves to see and hugs and kiss and belasah baby harris. and she also likeeeeeessss it so much to lay in harris' baby bed. love it so much to lepak with the children around. nurin can already talk a lot. which really make US, the elder miserable. talk just like an adult, even worse the older.

not only being at home last weekend, i went to PEKAN pahang to attend a cousin-to-cousin's wedding. alang-alang menyeluk perkasam.. biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. we went round the town. a small town, but big enuff to be called 'Bandar DiRaja'. it is really nice to see the two world living facing each other in the town. the ISTANA ABU BAKAR is in front of the villager's house. And there is a Polo field in the village which foreigner from many countries come to play and watch the Polo sport. even in kg pandan (KL!!), we only can see indonesian (and not mat saleh) who lives like they owned the place.


house on my right, palace on my left; separated by this road
(i love the combination of the trees and the road and the istana gate and the rumah kampung)

and to our lucky, we found and we ATE the famous murtabak in pekan town, MURTABAK MENGKASAR. it was really sedap hingga menjilat jari. we were surprised at first when we read the sign Biasa rm4, special rm6. but we only realised then that the murtabak is twice the size of the normal murtabak.
(p/s: there were articles on MURTABAK MENGKASAR in Utusan, Metro and NST for its well-known murtabak)

before going back, we went to MUZIUM SULTAN ABU BAKAR, GALERI PENGANGKUTAN AIR and round the town. that was for photography time!!! =p

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  1. aku yg penat bwk kete r woit..
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