4 Sep 2007

FYP progress

i submitted my 1st proposal draft today to my supervisor. she said that it's ok and asked if i had any better idea. so, i said, yes, i have other ideas about the project. she listened and listened and tell me to re-do, adding the ideas i told her and submit it back. overall she said that the ideas were good and what i'd presented just now, the formulation, method to be used and testing are correct. i just need to study in detail about some topic such as:
  • styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
  • swelling test method
  • SEM
  • crosslink density

i hope i can finished the 2nd draft early, and submit the proposal early. then only i can start my project early or on time.

4th Sept, Tues - Rubber Engineering test.

5th Sept, Wed - (3.00pm)Final Year Project Guideline Briefing

6th Sept, Thurs - submit Lab Report 2 & 3

7th Sept, Fri - (10.00am) Industrial Visit to Harvick Rubber Penang, (3.00pm) FYP Chemical & Safety Briefing

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