11 Sep 2007

perLis day trip

last Sunday, i went to perlis with my love one. i really want to go there for jalan-jalan in this sem and before i finish my study here, and he took me there. we went there for a day trip.

I woke up early in the morning and get ready. we went there by car and started our journey at 8.30 am. so, we go to petrol station, buy some drinks and.. here we go! we reached alor setar highway exit at about 10.00 am. through alor setar (jalan kampung), we reached perlis at about 10.35 am. fortunately perlis is a really small state. so we were sble to visit some places in a day. but i wish i could stay longer so that i can visit other places too.

we went to Muzium Kota Kayang which is situated in between Kangar and Kuala Perlis. The Muzium is in kampung area. it looks like an old istana.

After that, we went to Taman Ular & Reptilia. beside snakes, they also have iguana, crocodile, monkey families (org utan, beruk, mawas), memerang, kura-kura, ayam and also burung.

we continued the journey to the very north of perlis. Wang Kelian. one of the border of Malaysia-Thailand in Perlis. Every Sunday, u can pass the border to Thailand without any passport or border-pass needed. so, i have the chance to step on Siam land. ;) it doesnt mean u can go far in Thailand. just the market along the road after the border line. the market continues from wang kelian to thailand. they sell a lot of thing, clothes, electrical goods, food, toys and lot more.

then, we went to gua kelam. the jambatan gantung path took us about 10 - 15 minutes one way in/out. it is also called The cave of Darkness. walking in the cave remind me the day i went to Gua tempurung with schoolmates back in secondary school. =)

and from there, i drove to padang besar. we ate tomyam there. very very nicest tomyan i've ever had. huhuhu...
lastly, on ouR way back, we stopped by at an ostrich farm..

i really enjoyed this day. i love Bee! thanx so much!

5 ulasan:

  1. merayap je keja ko..baca buku...lps grade nanti kawin...aku dh ckp kat ama ko...

  2. along,
    mrayap adalah kerja yang harus ketika di alam U. pas kawen kan kene jage anak kat umah. =P

    perlis is beesst.. cuz u can rouund the whole state within a day. hehe... but i wish i could spend more time. there were some places i missed. i think i should really finish touring the nothern area b4 i leave penang nx year. *wink* =D

  3. cehhhh..
    ko dok jaoh bleh r mrayap..
    kalo aku ni hah, tmpt yg aku nk g pown da pnat da nk g..
    dwet loan msuk, aku mrayap jaoh2..
    along 2 jeles r tue dye kne jaga anak kt umah..ehehehe

  4. to efa
    macam ler dpt...big daddy akan ku bilang yg ko merayap...tu lah position aku...


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