7 Jul 2019

Witnessing awesome Taiwan products and services at the Taiwan Expo 2019

After attended the Industry 4.0: Smart Factory Solution seminar, I went to the Taiwan Expo at the Ballroom of Setia SPICE Convention Centre to witness the awesomeness the Taiwanese brought to Penang.

Based on Taiwanese government’s flagship programs and prospective areas, the Taiwan Expo presents and share Taiwan’s experience in various industries.

There were different pavilion with different theme showcasing Taiwan finest products and services including Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, Taiwan Tourism Pavilion, Taiwan Halal & Bubble Tea Pavilion, Taiwan Beauty Pavilion and Taipei Your Partner Pavilion.

Taipei Your Partner Pavilion

The Taipei City Government is to participate in the Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2019 for a second
consecutive year to set up a pavilion under the theme of “Taipei Your Partner.” The pavilion will
introduce the diverse aspects of Taipei to local visitors and manufacturers through four sub-themes:
“Invest Taipei,” “Fine Goods Taipei,” “Travel Taipei” and “Connect Taipei,” inviting 14 Taipei
companies to participate in the exhibition. The Expo combines the fun and practical features of
Taipei with an online sales model to induce substantive expansion in exhibitors’ business opportunities.

Some of the cool products at Taipei your Partner pavillion.

Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion

Penang is an important medical equipment hub of Malaysia and Taiwan Expo is highlighting healthcare as one of the main themes for this year expo in the hope of building closer collaboration with Malaysian counterparts in this field.

Taiwan advanced medical care, high-tech precision instrument and high-quality medical products
rival the best in the world at a huge price advantage. Treatment in Taiwan are typically one-fifth of
similar treatment in Europe and the United States and the ability to deliver quality services at
affordable cost has not only attracted large number of patients from Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia but also those from the US and Canada who
fly to Taiwan specifically for medical treatment.

Taiwan Agriculture Pavilion

The quality of agricultural and fishery products as well as processed products from Taiwan are well-
known on the international market and internationally recognized by foreign consumers, due to the continuous improvement of technology, cultivation management as well as advantages in terms of the geographical environment, climate and latitude of Taiwan. The four vendors participating in the showcase this year each brought along delicious and healthy products suitable for the Malaysian market, including fruit, fishery products, as well as health-benefitting roselles.

Taiwan Halal and Bubbles Tea Pavilion

This one is definitely my favourite pavilion hehehe!

For the third edition of the Taiwan Expo in Malaysia this year, a Halal and Bubble Tea Pavilion will be set up for the showcase of various halal products of uniquely Taiwanese flavor. It currently includes five representative Taiwanese halal and bubble tea vendors. The Taiwan Halal Center will 
known Malaysian halal supermarket Mydin, expanding towards Mydin supermarkets in Kuala Lumpur and Penang to showcase over 100 halal products from Taiwan.

Taiwan Beauty Pavilion

Taiwan Tourism Pavilion

According to the Mastercard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2018, Taiwan was on top five list for the first time in the best travel destination category, surpassing Germany, Australia, and the U.S. Meanwhile, the well-known travel site GlobeSpots in its 11th Top 10 destinations list, ranked Taiwan in 8th place. Taiwan was also on the list of the 19 best destinations in 2019 revealed by Airbnb.

In recent years, Taiwan has also made great efforts to provide a friendly and convenient environment for Muslim travelers. At the current major transportation hubs, such as Taipei Train Station, Kaohsiung Train Station, Taoyuan International Airport, Taichung HSR Station, and 13 National Scenic Areas, there are prayer rooms, more and more restaurants and hotels with halal certificates. There are also more Halal apps and Halal vending machines etc., making Taiwan more convenient for Muslim visitors.

Malaysian celebrity, Mira Filzah is Taiwan tourism ambassador for Salam Taiwan.

Fun activity at the pavilion like DIY lantern making

Taiwan Tourism Bureau has announced 2019’s tourism promotion theme as "Taiwan Small Town Ramble". Taiwan possesses rich and diverse cultural history, cultural landscapes, recreational resources and specialties, which are suitable for Malaysians to explore. Taiwan has different kind of
flower in four seasons that worth to explore. This is the time to feel the small town and experience the Muslims-friendly tourism environment in Taiwan.

So, Mr. Husband. #hint


Taiwan Digital Commerce Pavilion

Taiwantrade.com will showcase a selection of catalogs and 80 products from 29 of the website’s leading members. The Digital Commerce Pavilion aims to enhance Taiwan's image as a digital island and participation in Malaysia’s e-commerce.

Taiwantrade.com is the official B2B portal of Taiwan operated by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The website’s sourcing services are aimed at assisting global buyers to find quality products and reliable suppliers from Taiwan. As Taiwan’s main trade portal, Taiwantrade.com continued to advance in the field of e-commerce.

Taiwan Smart City Pavilion

Smart city development has become key to driving industrial innovation and economic development. The Smart Cities Initiatives introduced during the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) aimed to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) and encompasses the following aspects that define a Smart City: Smart Mobility, Smart Power Management, Smart Medical, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Governance. In both technological capabilities and local implementation, Taiwan is taking the lead
in ‘smart city’ development with a complete ICT industry supply chain, coupled with plentiful research, development and manufacturing capabilities. The Smart City Pavilion will showcase the latest solutions for these areas.

Taiwan Indigenous Pavilion

Owl, the mascot for Taiwan Explore the Sun 2019

Taiwan Green Lifestyle Pavilion

Just realize I didn't take any photo of the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion. Sigh.

All in all, I have fun exploring "Taiwan" during the expo. Although I still wish to get to explore the real Taiwan one day! (#hint again to husband lol)

And I came back home with so many goodies, samples and the quiz prize I won on the second day! Hahaha!

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