13 Jan 2012

IMU Open Day 150112

Date: 15 January 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Venue: IMU Bukit Jalil Campus
Theme: Pathways to Family Wellness

• Discover more about IMU’s proven track records, its clinical schools and Partner Universities
• View student activities in the IMU and community and student research projects
• Obtain personal counselling on the IMU undergraduate and postgraduate programmes,career prospects and admission procedures
• Gather information on financial aids including the IMU Scholarships,High Achiever Awards, Merit Awards, PTPTN loan and bank loans

• Optical Illusions
• Medical Museum exhibits
• Tablet manufacturing process
• Display of cadaveric parts (plastinated) and pathological specimen
• Demonstrations on magic writing using inorganic chemical solutions
• And many more not-to-be-missed activities!

Exploring educational and support facilities - Skills Centre, Laboratories, Dental Laboratories, Nutrition & Dietetics Laboratories, E-learning Laboratories, Learning Resources, Medical Museum, Research Laboratories, Instrument Room with Tableting Machine, IMU Healthcare Centre, etc.

Processing Fee Waived for on-the-spot Application on Open Day *

* Except Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy

Talk Schedule

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