10 Jun 2012

Madagascar 3 movie night out!

Our management is being so kind to treat the staff to watch the Madagascar 3 as one of the employee engagement activities (and to make us love working there more and more, I guess. ;p) So anyway, since it's a free movie pass and free popcorn, of cos I wouldn't say no. More over, it involved my favourite Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria!

Me & Nurin with the Europe's Most Wanted!! ;D
(Universal Studio Singapore)

So there we were last Friday, gather at the GSC IOI Mall, Puchong for the Madagascar 3 : Europe's Most Wanted.  IMU staff were given free ticket and a popcorn and mineral water combo. While staff who brings their immediate family member will have to pay only half of the ticket price.

Thanks Jasmine and Anna for organizing the IMU Movie Night on behalf of the ILoveWorking@IMU Committee ;) 

Along with her heroes - Harris and Hadief

Budak kedekut Coke tak nak bagi orang rasa.

The get-together was fun. It felt good to see the IMU family faces with their family outside the work place. Suddenly it felt like there was no burden to see their faces like how it felt whenever I see some of them coming towards our department door as there were always things they needed and some will bring news like "we want this by the end of today" -_____-"

But for the movie, I don't really enjoy it like the previous two prequels. I found it less entertaining comparing the first and second movies. But I think most of the staff enjoy the movie as e-mails kept coming in later after the movie saying how good the movie was, and how the moral value of unity, trustworthy and leadership are in accordance with the IMU core values.

Anyhow, thank you IMU management for the movie. 

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