6 Jun 2012

Family tree

Yesterday, one of my cousin asked for my great-grandmother's name. I thought her name was Maria. I recheck just now on Geni that her name was actually Masnah. Maria was my great-great-grandmother.

Talking about Geni.com, I can't remember exactly how did I find out about the website but I've joined Geni since years ago. Before Geni, I managed to get the late family members' name starting from great-great-grandparent from my grandfather and I drew my own family tree but I lost it anyway -___-" So when I found out about Geni, I was so happy to know that there is an easier way to keep record on the family and to build a family tree. So I went back to grandfather and mum to collect information on my maternal family members. I had a feeling that grandfather might be talking to himself  "Berapa kali la nak bagi budak ni senarai nama-nama semua..dah la kene ingat balik satu-satu..." Ngehngehngeh.

My printed maternal family tree from Geni

I didn't remember Geni to have limited family members' name in one's account. I haven't sign in to Geni for quite some times. But now I just realized that they have this limited number of family member for free account and if you want to add more, you have to buy the paid account package. *sigh

Since I've reach the free 100 family members, I can no longer add the latest family member, my nephew, Nur Khaleef Ridzki. *sobss* Sorry Khaleef.. Tunggu aunty kaya sikit nak beli paid account nanti aunty masukkan nama Khaleef dan sesape lagi lepas ni yer...

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