15 Mei 2012

Middle east lunch for Woon Shin's farewell

A colleague from Admissions department, Woon Shin's last day in IMU was last Friday. My manager wanted to have a farewell lunch with her as she had been working with us for quite a lot of time when involve Admissions department. We decided to go to Al-Diafah, a middle east restaurant in Sri Petaling for her farewell lunch together with Kak Liza and Jacinta.

Al-Diafah is a very nice middle east restaurant, from environment, decorations up to the food that they serve. I've been there for a few times including another colleague's farewell last year and dinner with mummy. I like the decorations so much it makes me feel like I'm in the Arabic countries. 

We ordered Mandy Rice and few dishes like kebab and salad. I like their Lamb Kebab but too bad only me, out of us five pax, eat lamb... so Chicken Kebab it is.

Chicken Kebab

Vegetable Tagen

Hummus - served with pita bread

Mix Salad


Right below this restaurant, on the groundfloor of the building, there is a shop owned by the same owner where I always go to get my mango juice supply (imported from the middle east) and the nice kurma juice. They also sell middle east famous fruits and dessert like fresh dates, baklava and dried apricot as well as souvenirs and kitchenware. 

I know I said this is supposed to be a farewell lunch. But my apologies since more food photos were captured than the one we celebrated. Hehe.

Puan Norma, Jac, Kak Liza and Woon Shin.

So anyways, all the best to you, Woon Shin. Hmm...how do I deal with Admissions to get things done, to prepare for anything without you... Sobsss.

Wanna check out Al-Diafah for celebration lunch or just a simple romantic dinner? Visit www.aldiafah.com.my for more info! Located at Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling and opens from 11.00 am to 12 midnight, honestly, it's worth trying!

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