4 Jul 2012

IHH Healthcare Berhad Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Before the top management of IMU make official announcement on IHH Healthcare Berhad (the holding company of IMU health, Parkway Pantai Limited and Acibadem Holdings) going public listing in the Bursa Malaysia, I was actually informed about this by my Uncle. I guess businessman reads more on the business section than a non-businesswoman, me. Hehe. I have never actually know what is all this share and stock and so on and so forth is all about. Not until the President of IMU finally announced of the listing last few weeks that I google informations on shares and IPO.

To cut the story short - with Khazanah as IHH's major shareholder - today, 4 July 2012 marks the date of the IHH prospectus launching and is due to list on July 25.IHH's IPO for the Malaysian public, directors and employees has been fixed at a retail price of RM2.85 per share.

 International Medical University (IMU) President) and IHH Healthcare chairman - Tan Sri Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman at the prospectus launch yesterday. 
(Source : The Star online)

As for IMU staff, we got ourselves allocated shares under the reserved shares tranches. Of course we may choose to apply for the entire allocation, a part of the allocation or none of the allocation. As I have no knowledge and experience in the shares thing, I seek for advise from few people. Most of them give positive feedbacks on the IPO. In fact, all of the people say I should take it.

So here comes the process - opening CDS account, loan application, bank draft application, apply for the share etc. All need to be done by next Monday.

Another new experience. A good one, I hope.


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