20 Jul 2012

Taste of Malaysian fruits

One thing I like about this employee engagement thing is that we get everything for free. After the free tickets and pop corn Madagascar 3 night out, yesterday we got to eat Malaysian local fruits for free! I did not plan to join as I had a meeting scheduled to be finished at 5.30pm and I don't like the idea of going home late as I would be stuck in the traffic congestion. But since the meeting finished so much earlier than expected, and I kind of fall for the Chancellery sisters' persuasion,  so I went to the pesta buah tempatan.

Sebab tu Abg Sarip layak jadi best staff - so gentleman kopek buah durian untuk kami. Tak mcm yg tukang tgk tu je. Ngeh ngeh.

Muka happy dapat makan buah :p

Oh, since we were too excited too eat the fruits, I forgot to take the photos of the untouched fruits. then by the time I finished eating and washed my hands, the ones left on the table was only this...

Chancellery's only. *sigh*

I am not a huge durian fan. But to eat durian and other fruits with friends, lots of friends, is actually fun. I was looking forward for the mangosteen tho. One of my fave! Anyway, I had fun, thanks again management for the durian, rambutan, mangosteen, jackfruit and dokong!

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