9 Okt 2012

I miss....

I miss hanging out lepak makan tengok wayang window shopping doing outdoor activities blablabla. I feel like I haven't watched any movies since ages!

I miss tweeting. I miss being a Twitter addict. I miss holding my phone while having meals, checking on the Tweetdeck every 5 minutes just to communicate randomly with the Twitter friends. :(

I even miss hanging out in front of the television at home doing nothing at all. Or watching TV series on my iPad. Yeah.. I have downloaded two episodes of Revenge, four episodes of Glee, three episodes of New Girls and few others and they are still in my waiting list to be watched. . Haishh.

I miss lying down on the bed reading my favourite book.

And the thing that I miss the most is blogging! I have so much to tell but I'm too busy to blog. :(

I need the time on my own.
I just have to get through with THIS, and then I'll have all the time I needed, insyaAllah. And then I'll do massive update to this blog.

In the meantime, I hope I pray that everything will go well. Semoga semua urusan dipermudahkan Allah. Aminnnn~

p/s: Thanks Baiti and Hanie for the surprise you guys arranged last Saturday. Suka sangat! Love u guys a lot!!!

p/s 2 : It's a final countdownnnnn! *CUAK MODE SWITCHED ON*

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