15 Mac 2012

Handsome boy was admitted again

Along was on leave from work yesterday as her son a.k.a our budak handsome, Hadief Zayed was on fever. We commented on Hadief's photo on Along's Facebook when she suddenly stopped replying. I only thought shew was busy handling her two little monsters at home. An hour or so, I received a text from mummy saying Hadief is admitted into the hospital, again. I was quite surprised since just few minutes ago Along was on FB and didn;t say a word about hospital.

Asked mum and cousin Effa what had actually happened. Basically what I was told is that Hadief was on fever and he was suddenly became unconscious. Luckily his grandma was looking at him, calling out for him, and luckily Along was on leave and at home. And luckily Along remembered there was a new hospital just 1 km away from her house. Hadief remained unconscious until they arrived at the hospital and was bathed with ice water and given oxygen supply.

Went to visit him at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Cheras Selatan after work. He looked good, Alhamdulillah.

So called resting.

Abang nak jugak rasa baring atas katil sambil mata jeling-jeling handphone

Sibuk main Angry Bird x layan orang ajak tangkap gambar.. -__-"

The most important thing Along knew she need to bring to the hospital...

 Yes. To make sure Hadief can go to sleep peacefully at night.

Hadief is still in the hospital now. They were supposed to wait for the blood test result - not sure if it's out yet. Hope he'll get well soon!

p/s: Please pray for handsome boy's health. Thanks!

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