15 Ogo 2012

The Annual Iftar with Girlfriends

One of the best break-fasting sessions I had every year would be the annual break-fasting sessions with my lovely girlfriends. You know how some little things might look little, but actually touched your heart the most? I have one very touching memories of the iftar with girlfriends in 2010 when I had issues of coming back home for the annual session. I love you girls lots you knowwww :')

So anyway, we had our iftar on the Friday, 3rd August 2012. Except that this year, it should be call "Iftar with Girlfriends..and families". Yes... we were celebrating the first appearance of husbands and FOUR babies during the iftar! Last year, there were only us ladies, with three of them were pregnant and this year, four of them came with husbands and babies. We had always to go Little Penang Cafe, but due to not-so-comfortable to bring in babies' stroller etc., we needed to find somewhere else. After several discussion of where to go what to eat - we've decided to go to Pizza Hut, a place for (mostly) all. :P

Sha, Amie, Azid, Hanie, Natrah, Baiti, Fadilah, me, Naddy, Eda, Abg Ham, Shafiq - and babies Nidal, Raihan, Syasha.

MIA - Abg Zikri and baby Aisyah

Syasha Humaira with Ibu

Aisyah with Ibu and Aunty Bubbles ;D

Raihan with mummy Eda and Aunty Nads

The only hero - Nidal

The daddies - Abg Ham, Azid and Syafiq

Gadis-gadis tak boleh jumpa kamera.

Thanks girls for made it to the iftar. See you girls rayaaaaaa!!!!
(*sigh* dah tambah list nak kene bagi duit raya la tahun ni...*sigh*)

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