30 Nov 2012

My reception pelamin

Me being me, always want something that is different from others. Not that I'm being choosy, more to unique I would say :P When the wedding finally came into reality and the planning started, I just can imagine my wedding to be full of creative-DIY-things. I'm so glad I have a mum that accept me as who I am and let me decide of what I want. Hehe. 

Hence I decided to choose a pelamin without all the fresh flowers like all the other girls dream of. Mine was very.. different. Well not that different since dah ramai pengantin use this kind of pelamin anyway. Huhu.. I remember seeing the pelamin I like from a friend's photo of her sister's friend's wedding (ok panjang gila connection hahaha). So I Google and search through Facebook and blablabla and I finally came across the Filmshortartifact.

Mail them requesting for quotation, having hard time making decision (looking at the price thinking if I could or could not afford it) discussing with mummy and thinking again - cut the story short - I decided to hired them to make my reception pelamin. Meet them, Haidar and Azney, in person to discuss about the details. They were very helpful very nice to deal with.

And the result of the ideas and their hardwork....

I present to you...

Cantik tak? Cantik tak? XD

And here's the details of the pelamin...

So. Cakap cantik please. By the way, they also designed and prepared the walkway, main entrance and the main table for me.

The main table

The main entrance

The walkway

I'm so happy that most of my friends who had known me for a long time said that the decorations suit me. One of the comment was "Pelamin tu sangat ke-Julia-an" LOL!

And one of my best friends who was also the emcee for my wedding wrote this on her blog:

"Being part of her wedding reception was the best. The whole interior design, her dais, her dress and the rest of the details represented her. Nonoi was known as a very creative friend of mine. She used to give me birthday card with Salman Khan's pic (sbb masa tu rasa Salman Khan tu sgt hot la ;p Now, so not!). Then when I moved to Science Muar, she sent me letters and the envelope was made out of McD paper, the burger wrap up, boleh? That is so her. So happy that she finally married to a man that understands her, accepts her for who she is. Dear Julia, may your marriage bless to akhirat! =)"

Awwwww :')

Thank you Haidar and Azney for giving me such a lovely decoration for my wedding and make me happy. I am so in love with my pelamin that the picture of it is my phone wallpaper now. :p

Wish to have this kind of decoration for your wedding?
Find them on FB - Filmshotartifact 

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