13 Sep 2009

Bila nak balik raya ni......


I spend my Saturday in the room. The initial plan to go out with roommate was canceled. Since i've already got back my paper back from my sv, i think it's better for me to make the correction a.s.a.p and submit it to my co-sv. during my working with 20% concentration and laziness level up to 80%, i got 3 mms from mom.

tengah buat tat gulung

siap gulung

dah siap bakar

ape ni... dah start buat kueh raya tanpa menunggu kepulangan anak yang comel yang di perantauan ini. hehh~ perasan comel.

uwaaaa...bila nak balik raya ni.........

the day before, i received a video call from mom. but for sure i know it wasn't mom who really wanna video-call me and see my face. of course la my little precious Nurin was at home and she was the one who wanted to do the video call. then she went pusing pusing satu rumah asking everyone to talk to me. sampai atuk pon kene. haha apelah di bulinya semua org. i wanna go home. sabar Julia, sabar. hehe =D

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