24 Sep 2009

Iftar + Lepaking Session


Lets us postponed Raya post & picts eh.

Back to 2 days before raya, still during the holy month of Ramadhan. I went out my the girls for iftar at Pavilion. Plan was to go to Capsquare but was changed then due to some difficulties. Anyhow, iftar was great wherever it was as long as i had the chance to spend my time with the girls & the food was great. :D

Tepanyaki for me

The crowd

B couldn't make it on time since she had to run some errands but she made it for desert, together with sister Kak Harim & bestie Kumar. We had desert at the Ministry of Food (MOF).

Choclate Shake. The yummmmiessttttt!

x cukup dgn desert from MOF, Nuth bought this.
and B came with somemore cupcakes. haisshhhh~

Do Not Disturb.

Naddy, Sha, julia d bubbles, B, Nuth, Eda & Amie

Thank you girls & guys for making the lepaking session fun!

If only the other - Hanie Fadil Eza Aira etc - could make it, it would be merrier, for sure. But nvm. This bunch of girls & guys already made my day! :D Love u!!

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