7 Sep 2009

SABIAN 09-02 dearie...


To all my lovely SABIAN batch 1998-2002 who is reading this blog, and by any chance did not receive Ijad a.k.a John's Facebook msg of invitation to an iftar reunion, pls read this & do tell your other friends,too okays.!

"Hi guys

Due to popular requests, I am going to organize a berbuka puasa gathering for our batch Sekolah Aminuddin Baki (SAB) 9802 in the spirit of this year’s Ramadhan.

I have attended few corporate berbuka puasa events since last week and what I have in mind to suggest to you guys is:

Impiana KLCC Hotel @ 16 Sept 2009

Location-wise, it is strategic and easily accessible via KLCC Putra line. There is also a band of musicians playing wonderful traditional melodies while we indulge the variety of meals that are being served.

So, think no more – RSVP asap! I need to make the reservation.
Oh yeah, spread the words, the more the merrier – once a year ;-)

Cheers for now

Sharazad (John)

Oil Business Division


E-mail: mohdsharazad@gmail.com

Mobile: ask me, xleh ltk kat public"

So people, spread the words!!

and those were the days....

2 Amanah 1999

3 Amanah 2000
days before Mr.Goh nak bersara

4 Kamil 2001
Miss Anita blanje makan @ KFC, KLCC

5 Maju 2002 @ KLCC

Girlfrens, 2003
datang skola jumpe B yang mase tu tgh kat form 6


Al fatihah to Arwah Raimi, Bai & Hafiz.
U'll always be in our hearts.

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