3 Feb 2009

and there they came..

so as ive told about, my 2 darlings and grandMa were in Penang, and i went to see them on Sunday.
I went to pick them up early Morning and had our breakfast in Taman Tun Sardon, Gelugor as suggested by Uncle. Taman Tun Sardon is quite famous for a breakfast place. but why la after this 5years ive never heard of it. Aishh. x abes explore penang lagi ni. nak kene google more about penang after this. haha. btw, i tried the famous 'serabai' there. ok. i just know about serabai the day before that (sbb google of taman tun sardon, and they say the serabai is good).
it is good tho. serius! i tried nasi lemuni, as well. there r also roti canai, tosai etc., nasi lemak, nasi tomato n all the nasi, kuehs. kirenye, variety of food for your stomach in the morning la.


After the quite heavy breakfast (2 serabai + nasi lemuni + apam telur for myself), we went to the Butterfly farm & the Tropical Spice Garden. i just went 2 the Butterfly farm like, baru gile tp dah ade perubahan kat situ. like last time, they didnt put the caterpillar like this..

and this...
last time mase dtg sini just tgk the butterfly, x tengok pun the 'before butterflies'.

kaina ekha mak me

fave twin @ tropical spice garden

then we headed to penang road n had our light lunch. and went to chowrasta, the jeruk heaven.

after the jalan2, went back to the hotel to lepak & took a nap, and later that evening we went to an auntie's house.

i'm glad that they came to penang. 1st, because the twin r going back 2 Aussie end of February n i'm not sure if i'm able to see them before they go back. 2nd because beside mum & cousins (maternal), no one has ever visited me here in Penang after these 5 long years! Sounds pathetic, huh.

please make it. April!!!!

oh, special thanks to cousin Effa for letting me use her desktop while baby lappy is being repaired. so that i could update this blog =) and online, and facebook-ing, friendster-ing, fotopages-ing, and most important, buat report!!!!

and najwan too sbb tlg buangkan virus2 dlm pc ni. haha

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  1. >> nampak mcm ada gambar ulaq bulu naik daun je...
    >> hehehe...:D

  2. jeff,
    masalah ni kalau ulat bulu dh naik daun.. gatal2 nnt =p

  3. "no one has ever visited me here in Penang after these 5 long years!" - ekha yg rase terharu! aawwww. . sayang kak julia! mmuahh!! xoxo

    p/s: muchas gracias bawak jalan2! :)

  4. ekha,
    sayang ekha jugak!!! n kaina n shana n an, too!

    p/s: no biggie! >_<

    bukan sket, byk!

  5. amboi..
    ada blog juga rupanya.
    yer la kan..
    fotopages hanya sekadar gambar, blog ni seronok pasal boleh coret dengan lebih panjang

  6. izzo,
    cmne leh jumpe blog ni? aishh
    rakan2 fotopages dh smpai ke sini.
    memula bro jeff, skang kamu puler. >_<

  7. hehe relax je nama kuih tu ek..? "serabai"..
    sekali tengok mmg kene la nama tu, serabai jek..

  8. jln2 terjmpa blog cik julia..
    salam kenal..
    anywy..pictures sume cantik..pakai cam ape ek? dslr ke?

  9. izzo,
    ye2. fotopages n blog ade circle of frens sndri2.

    thanks singgah.
    cntik ke pict? hehe, yhanks jugak.
    xla. xmampu beli dslr lagi. pakai digital cam biase je.

  10. tau x kalo kt melaka,serabai tu org mkn ble time de org meninggal
    but what ever it is..serabai tu best..nyum..nyum..


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