31 Jan 2009

Jusco. Budok Klate. Lappy.

i am bored, serious.

went out with Salmi to Jusco BM petang tadi. we plan to watch Changeling, but the movie isnt available there. Brides War pun xde. TGV Jusco BM mmg ntah pape ntah. last time when i wanted to watch hana Yori Dango Final pun xde show kat situ. haishhh~
at last balik without watching any movie. bought few things. had late lunch at Johnny's. and i had my Eclipse at last. i'm not sure why la only Eclipse yang sold out everywhere since the last 3 weeks. td pun the other 3 books byk sgt lagi but eclipse dh tggl few jer.

just finish watching Budak Kelantan. i thot i wont like the story, sbb ada watak yang jahat yang melampau jahat, but i end up liking it. cerita tu ade byk message. very symmetrical. good n bad. how love changes people. pengorbanan sahabat. etc. not like some other malay movie yang kluar wayang smata2 nak kaup untung thru the actor/actress walaupun story line dia macam ntah pape.

oh, my laptop is in problem lagi. last time yang rosak tu, the kedai sent it to hp centre and i was suppose to replace the motherboard, but it would cost me rm1.6k. tu belom masuk extended warranty tu. gile! just like buying a new laptop kan, so i didn't sent it there for repair. i just had it repair a bit. and now, jadi lagik!! i need my laptop!! i need to write the report. i need to plot the graphs. aarrggh! now baby lappy is still in KL, being repaired. please.. please la cepat2. kalau motherboard rosak, mmg xleh buat pape dh kalau x tukar.. =(

my favourite twin girls Ekha & Kaina are in Penang with grandma, Mak. will b seeing them tomorrow. yayy!

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  2. >> bored...?
    >> orang kata window shopping is the best remedy...:D


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