10 Jan 2009

powerpuff Girls!!!!!!!

i've always wanted to blog about this but i always forget to. so, here we go. people around me, who are close to me knows that i like The Powerpuff Girls so much since i don't know when and mostly i like Bubbles, the one with yellow hair & blue outfit. blossom is girlish, buttercup is elder-sister like & bit garang while bubbles is careless one and always bring them troubles. but she's the cutest, like me. haha. she wears blue, i like blue.

so i like to watch PPG. and collect PPG stuffs.specifically bubbles. i dont have current picts of the stuff since some of them were sent home (konon dah abes final year nak anta brg2 balik dah, who know ada kat sini lg. =p), so these are some pics taken when i was in 2nd year. check how crazy i am for PPG. call me childish, i don't care. haha

bantal yg kecik

bantal yang besar

pencil case

jam dinding

a birthday gift

just a box with PPG stickers

found this in Central Market (kot!) ade satu je tinggal. tp dh tertanggal dah kepala bubbles tu

button badges. BB plaza

bring this one here and there inside my white boifren teheee~ :D

files with everything inside.

this one used to go to class with me, always ade kat my beg

ex McD crew, hakimi gave this. thank u, kimi!! (secret recipe mothers day gift)

i used this organizer since like high school and still carry this everywhere.

one of the posters.


birthday gift jugak.

tabung yang syiling selalu abis buat basuh baju kat mesin =p

my meja study back in 2nd year

half of my bed dah penuh dgn ini saja. huhu.
ok, bubbles yg paling depan, yg kepale besar itu was a birthday gift from exroomates 4129 (2005/06) balik bilik after raya dh ade atas katil. hehe

call me crazy!

....and i still wish to add more to my collection. maybe someday i can pass this to my daughters or granddaugthers. haha InsyaAllah.

so ppl, jgn malu2 ye if u want to help adding up PPG stuff to my collection. =p

oh, and when we were in 2nd year, we had to present anything in English class, and my presentation title was "The Powerpuff Girls". hehehe.

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  1. ppg...~
    2 yg x thn 2...

  2. Fighting crimes trying to save the world here they come just in time.. The Powerpuff Girls..


    Ten tenet tenet..!

    My fave is Buttercup cuz she's the toughest fighter ;)

  3. miminmooSe,
    jeles? atau dengki?

    lets save the world before bedtime!!

  4. my baby sister tengok post ni and she kept asking for ppg merchandise now.

  5. mia,

    sila2 membelikannya.

  6. i like this bantal,,, is so cute

  7. OH MY GOD!!!! So cute!! Love it! powerpuff girls are amazing :D


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