28 Jan 2009

Langkawi Trip!!!

The Eagle Square
a must-see place in Langkawi. with the big eagle statue.

Oriental village
this place mmg sgt cantik. ade bridges ala2 japanese, chinese & thailand, and got animal farm with cute rabbits, eagle, snakes & all. lots of shops to buy sourviner here. there are also an "elephant thing" where u can ride the elephant, feed them & take photograph but it is a bit costy.

the langkawi cable car is here, in the oriental village. but caused of the very strong wind, kami x dpt naik kereta kabel itu =(

Underwater World
i think everyone knows what's this place exactly. the name had said so, kan. so, basically there are a lot of fishes in here. the are also turtles and penguin!! i was so exited to see penguin. the last time i came to langkawi (2004), the Underwater World was closed due to the new building (with the peguin) was being launched by Dr.M. so, puas hati la this time dpt masuk.

pingu pingu!!

sejuk nye!!!~~

koi pond

Makam Mahsuri

the place of mahsuri's makam & rumah & telaga.

Langkawi Cable Car

finally got to naik cable car the next day! early morning after breakfast we called the cable car counter to check if it was open or not, n it was. went there straight away.

first check point - 652.5 meter above sea level

the bridge in the middle of the 2 mountain peaks. the wind was strong. takut nk lintas jambatan till the other end.

yay!! gunung macincang peak!! 710 meter above sea level. kalau nk harap hiking mmg xdpt la. naik cable boleh la. hehe

alhamdulillah, slamat turun.

just after kami selamat turun, the cable car was closed again, sbb angin yg sgt kuat.

Teluk Yu
on the way back to pekan Kuah, singgah tepi pantai, named Teluk Yu. cukup syarat je nk tengok laut. =p

that is a dead ikan buntal.

we seriously spent most of the time at Kuah town. shopping!!

more pics @ fotopages, like always =p

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  1. nak pg lagi...1st time masa harris 5 months...he not really enjoy it...now...he can walk and run and happy with it...

  2. baik tunggu die besar terus, baru die btul2 paham.
    at least when he's 3 or so.

  3. Tunggu adik harris kuar dulu la. Baru g..

  4. kalau adik harris dh kua nnt,
    along bg alasan asik haris lak x enjoy, so bley g lg skali. haha

  5. Finally I could say this: Been there, done that! LOL

    Hi Julia, are you a USM student too? A chemical engineering student there too? LOL. I am not trying to impose, but it seems that you are one of us. Hehe.. Anyway, nice to meet you!

  6. bluecrystalDude,
    yeahh. lets promote Langkawi. hehe

    Usm, yup. but not chemical. i'm more 2 a neighbour 2 u. polymer eng postgrad student. =)


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