4 Jan 2009

Penang Butterfly Farm

After series of Penang I, II & III to Feringi Market, Jalan Kulit Flea Market & Rumah P.Ramlee, and my series of Jalan2 Penang Again Part I,II & III to Pasar Chowrasta, Toy Museum & Botanical Garden, also the last one about Rumah P.Ramlee again, i'm adding a new place to the Penang tour - the Penang Butterfly Farm.

Penang Butterfly Farm is located at Teluk Bahang, just a bit above Batu Feringhi. There are a wide variety of butterflies (of course!), insects, reptiles, fishes as well as plants. The farm has population of 4000 live tropical butterflies from 120 different species, including some very rare & famous ones .The Penang Butterfly Farm is now a household name in Penang and a must-see for visitors since it opened in 1986.

As you enter the farm, u'll be amazed as if u are stepping into a tropical greenhouse. It is so beautiful with the pond, small stream and variety of plants, and the butterflies - colourful butterflies - fluttered around.

Enjoy the picts!!

main entrance

this one had just turned into a beautiful butterfly, and x pandai terbang2 lg. that's why it stayed still je.
ini muka takut, ok. kot2 la nnt die leh bite jd cam Rama2 dlm cite cicakman II tu. hehe
rama2 bite ke? O_o

The Phasmid Corner is one of the best part in the Butterfly Farm where fascinating insects with perfect camouflage for their environment are placed.

**Phasmatodea/Phasmida - the ordinal name is derived from the Greek "phasma" meaning an apparition or phantom, and refers to the resemblance of many species to sticks or leaves. Their natural camouflage can make them extremely difficult to spot. (source: wikipedia)

Phasmid Corner

Gray's Malayan Stick ( Anchodes Brevipes)

Moving Leaf (phyllium giganteum)

Thorny Stick (Aretaon Asperrimus)

Macleay's Spectre

There are auditorium & mini zoo for other small reptiles & insects.

i like blue colour!

Man-faced bug (Pyrrhocoris apterus)

Asiatic Horned Toad

Alligator Snapping Turtle
-look at the head. it's alligator-like, not like usual turtle head

Coastal Horseshoe Crab
(Thats why they say asyik berdua mcm belangkas, see the male & female jln same2 je. hehe..)

Rhino Beetle Statue
3-Horn Rhino Beetle (Chalcoma Atlas) is one of the greatest fighters in the insects world.

p/s: no names for the butterflies sbb byk sgt and x larat nak ambil each of them. xD


Adult: RM20.00
Children: RM10.00 (4 - 12 years old)

Video/Digital Video Camera: RM5.00 per pc.

Malaysian Citizen (MYKad Holder):
Adult: RM10.00
Children: RM5.00 (4-12 years old)

Discounts are available to school bookings and other large groups.

Customer Service:
Tel : 604-885 1253
Fax : 604-885 1741
Address : 830 Jalan Teluk Bahang,
Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang. Malaysia.
Email : info@butterfly-insect.com

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  1. Saya sangat jeles, sebab kat situ byk mende bole buat 'modal gamba'..

    Paling jeles skali gamba muka nonoi kat rama2 tuh..

  2. tau xper. mmg cun gile tempat itu. tP syg kamera bat abes. ade sparuh gambar tgkp ngn camera hp je. huhu

    p/s: gambar dgn rama2 itu pakai hP je pun. still cun, sbb model nye mmg cun. lalala~

  3. hehhe hehe....lama dah tak jenguk tempat tuh...


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