21 Januari 2009


am currently at home.
i want to blog about Penang Bird Park tp malas.
i want to blog about my trip to Langkawi. pun malas.
nnt2 la.

went out with lovely Nanim on Tuesday. she sms-ed me early morning ajak kuar. mcm tau2 aje kat kl pdhal x msg sape2 pun dh ade kat kl. sbb not feeling well and blom ready to kuar2. but if that girl ajak, of course la i would say yes kan. so, i fetch her up around 1230pm and headed to BB. had our lunch at Sakae Sushi Pavilion.

After the lunch, jalan2 pusing Pavilion. and turun to Coffee Bean and dapat free drinks, thanks to cousin Farah. next time kalau dtg leh bg lg. hehe

after the window shopping at Pavilion, we went to KLCC to meet up with Nads & Sha and later joined by exschoolmate jugak Ariff.

sms/called Eda since lunch till petang x dpt.
Eda, if u read this, kamu tukar no phone kah??

i want to see my other girls, too. but Nanim will be working this whole week so ssh nak plan a meet up.

I seriously need to come back home as much as i can after this to catch up with the girls & boys jugak after this.

oh. Nanim wrote this beautiful story about our pretty junior, Syaza Liyana.

4 ulasan:

  1. huhhh..
    mne gmbar langkawi aku...
    mak aku nk tgk r...
    kalo xmo ltak kt blog, email kt aku..
    cik alyza pun nk jgk...

    weh..aku pun dpt air free gak lah....

  2. Haku ade bad habit le..malas nak charge hp. but anyway if you cant reach me using 012, pls call me at 016 that I used to call u just now..sorry for that..

    n..if u ask me to hang out that day, maybe i come along with abg ham..hahaha!!!

  3. effa,
    aku busy la.
    nanti la

    bagus la, len kali sume fon xyah charge yer.

  4. aaa the article.
    pretty? hee *segan*
    thank u kak julia.


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