24 Feb 2009

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

last saturday, went to bukit tinggi, pahang untuk berjalan2. from home, went to batangkali to fetch mr.Bf, then went straightaway to bukit tinggi. went there with mum, cousin diba, cousin haziq, nurin & mr.Bf sbg driver. hehe
i need mr.Bf to drive coz seriously, Myvi, moreover manual transition, sgt lambat pick up, lagi2 kalau naik bukit. so, i am not confident enough to drive by myself to bukit tinggi tu.

once arrived at the bukit tinggi, there are drive thru counters, utk beli ticket, rm10/adult and rm8/child. children below 3 is free. then, drive naik sikit lagi sampai a parking lot. from there, u can either jalan (specifically mendaki) ke japanese village & botanical gerden, or wait for the shuttle bus.

日本の村 - the Japanese Village

Japanese village is located 3,500 feet above the sea, and said to be the first of its kind outside Japan. it is a beautiful garden with Japaneses style waterfall, bridge with koi pond and plants. you can rent a kimono suit if u want to feel like u're in japan. you can also participate in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony. honestly, this is one of the most beautiful garden i've ever been.

"welcome to the world's first Japanese Tea House in the Tropical Forest"

ini budak comel kesayangan kami



saya mahu ke sini lagi!!!

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