12 Mei 2010

I love the 3D Google Maps!!

I’ve been using Google Maps, either on Desktop or mobile, quite often since i like to go here and there. Google Maps help me like a lot especially when i go travelling to places I’ve never been before. And when I get lost when driving (and since my MapKing doesn’t really work, thank u so much –__-“ ) i know i can count on Google Maps! XD

Anyhow, talking about Google Maps for desktop/website, i super duper like the latest version of Google Maps.

You see.. instead of using this map view…


or this satellite view…


you can view Google Maps in 3D!!!!


Since i downloaded the 3D plug-in for Google Maps, I can’t stop viewing all the cities all over the world to see the great building like Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty also the Sphinx.

Plus, I GoogleMap-ed this.


USM, Engineering Campus in satellite view.


Now….in 3D view!! hehe :D

What else?


Malaysia National Museum, Kuala Lumpur


Where my heart is, the city of Kuala Lumpur. :’)


and this.. Penang Bridge, yaw! Cool isn’t it?

lets find some other cool places! :D


Just to tempt you more to play around with Google Maps 3D, here for you.

(Source: Google Maps)


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